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We've Upgraded! What Do You Think?

Bitesize Bakehouse has polished it's shoes a little and put it's best dress on for the occasion.

I've bitten the bullet on some branded boxing and come out the other side very very happy!

This set of improvements was, in part, thanks to the little boost of funding from my Tide Banking win, which enabled me to double down on some UK supplied (and made) packaging that is recyclable and food grade, whilst maintaining a look and feel that was aligned to the BB brand. Being able to place a sizeable order, due to some capital in the business, made the pricing for the boxes affordable and means I won't be running out of stock for you again anytime soon. Now I just have to find somewhere to store it all!!!

Let me tell you though, finding my supplier was no mean feat. I had been searching for a set of packaging that was food grade, looked good, came in the right sizing for my products, was recyclable, and WASN'T kraft for the longest time - it felt like an impossible job. I have though, after finding them and many testing rounds, vowed that I am not letting them go any time soon!!

So that's the packaging update, but what about the products themselves? Well, for the Marshmallow's...

The mid size marshmallow boxes will shortly be switching to a new larger gift box that means I can fit in bigger marshmallow pieces for each order! It all adds to the gifting experience if the item you open is beautifully presented and now, they come in a beautiful box fitted for the larger sized marshmallows, rather than me shoe-horning your eight into the rectangle boxes of old. I've also up-sized on the Marshmallow bags so the larger squares of Marshmallow can be used for these orders too. Ahhhhhh, standardising feels gooooooood!

The other product changes you might notice at the moment are in the Chocolate department...

There are now two sizes of bar! The Bars are the larger of the two (weighing in at approx 175-200g) and the Geo is a smaller lighter option (weighing in at approx 75g).

Lastly, I have switched the sharing box to 16 pieces, rather than 12. This way, you get two sets of 8, (either to share or keep to yourself - no judging here) which are packaged much more beautifully and post better too.

So... what do you think? Do you like our new improvements?

I would love to know your thoughts - do feel free to drop me a line!


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