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Flowers and Chocolate to see in Spring

Flowers and chocolate. An epic love story of a combo. And I've handcrafted the lot for you:

Single origin Vincentian chocolate shells, hand painted and filled with a oodles of salted caramel and/or a choice of silky smooth ganaches.

Paired with flowers that will last a lifetime - abstract flowers painted with a vibrant watercolour wash and a continuous line drawing.

Each chocolate and painting is unique, no two the same, just like you lovely lot. So whether you want to gift yourself (you deserve it 😘) or your favourite person, I've got you covered.

Choose from two size options and either let the goods do the talking, or share some kind words I can handwrite for you to pop inside the giftwrap. Limited numbers only for this one I'm afraid.

These will be up on the online shop super soon... Newsletter subscribers, you'll get notified as soon as they are live for first dibs (Not subscribed yet?! 😱 Get moving. Link to subscribe here!!).

Any questions, as usual, just shout!!


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