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Artisan  Marshmallows

Pillowy soft and fluffy

Gourmet marshmallows created with the very best ingredients and interesting flavours, available in a variety of gift box options.

Our marshmallows are whipped in small batches to maintain the best flavours and ensure perfection in each batch. 

These are nothing like the shop bought mallows you might have tried before. Chuck everything that you know about marshmallows out now. 


Bitesize Bakehouse's marshmallows are a grown up, luxurious treat for those looking for something a little bit different...

BitesizeBakehouse - Artisan Coffee Marshmallow-41.jpg

Marshmallow Love

"Fantastic service, quick delivery and such care and attention taken over everything! Can highly recommend the lemon marshmallows ... they are all delicious!"

"Gorgeous marshmallows. Just tried the salted caramel, chocolate, lemon and raspberry ripple.... yummy, yummy! These are so unlike shop bought ones, squishy, tasty, fluffly..."

"I received my very first order from you this week after seeing you on ITV making marshmallows, super impressed with your passion for what you do, I went onto order my first box of 8, coffee and double choc…..What can I say from the personalised packaging to the fresh mallows, they were absolutely delicious , so good I have just put in a second order of course double choc again and this time rose pistachio along with some brownies! Looking forward to trying all of these."

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