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Hand Tempered Chocolates

Bitesize Bakehouse -Handcrafted Chocolate Bon Bons -01.jpg

Small batch and Single Origin

High quality chocolate crafted in small batches with an ever increasing list of interesting flavour combinations made with single origin, responsible sourced and ethically made chocolate.

Opt for a larger bar so you can break off pieces to share, or one of our smaller individual packages if you just need a little personal pick me up. 

Keep your eyes peeled for our hand painted chocolate boxes- they make the most luxurious of gifts.


We will be restocking regularly with new flavours and seasonal offers. 

How will you have your chocolate served?

In bar form? A bigger slab that you may - or may not - share? What about more bitesize chocolates that you can savour... but if you go with this option, then which box size?!

There are a host of different sizes and flavours that are constantly changing and improving through the year for you to choose from.


Check back regularly, or follow along on our socials, to see the seasonal collaboration boxes that are in the pipeline with other amazing Independent businesses. I can't wait to share them with you !