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Meet Jade

Hi! Thanks for stopping by.


I'm founder, chief cheese and head "doer-of-all-things" here at Bitesize Bakehouse. 

I'd describe myself as a primarily self-taught baker and a fully fledged dreamer. I spend my days juggling life with 2 young kids, running my own business and squeezing in an ever-growing list of things I want to try/do/ experiment with into hours that seem to disappear before my eyes! 

Assuming that you haven't got here by accident, and that you (like me) love all things cake related, I hope you enjoy a little nose around this site.

Below you can find out more about how Bitesize Bakehouse came to be. So, feel free to stay a while, have a wander, and don't forget to drop me a line and let me know what you think!


Jade x

About Bitesize and Me

In the beginning 

Bitesize Bakehouse was born out of a hobby. Well, obsession really. I have been baking since I left University and building up my personal style with a tried and tested list of favourites since waaaaay back then (2009, shhhh!!).


When I started down this flour dusted road, I had a little blog as a nice tidy way to capture my baking experiments. Baking is a labour of love and it can sometimes take hours to create something you are so proud of at the end. The cake itself though, that can be devoured in minutes!


So, I guess this venture started all the way back then, capturing some of the finished products that I had deemed successful (and remembered to photograph before they were eaten!!) to help them last that little bit longer in time. Something that I could return to when I wanted to bake the same thing again and share with others. It was also a catch-all for everything else "cake" related in my life; links to other bakers I love, quick baking moments along the way that will never make it to a proper post, or just general baking inspo I wanted to shine a light on.  

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Somewhere in the middle

From blog to business: Although the blog in it's original sense still lives on, my focus has since been on Bitesize Bakehouse, "the business". Bitesize Bakehouse is now a 5* hygiene rated, fully insured home bakery, and I couldn't be more proud of where it is currently "at". I have curated an amazing set of "House Flavours" for my cakes that have been perfected over time (that you can now order all year around!), and an ever expanding list of postal treats (that you can have shipped UK wide if you so desire!).

The "middle" to Bitesize Bakehouse, for me, has been about exploring where I wanted to be in this market, and what it would be that sets me apart. It was a time to try different styles and settle into what felt right. It was about establishing the few things that I do really well and growing roots there, rather than bending and flexing to cover a breadth of styles, fads and techniques that just weren't feeling quite right. 

And so, the bespoke buttercream and ganache cakes along with the marshmallows settled in for the long haul, and most recently the chocolate and Smores brownies emerged too.

Bitesize Bakehouse has had a whirlwind of an existence up until now! Since our official launch in early 2019, I have barely stopped. We have had 2 babies arrive, 2 rebrands, 4 website overhauls (this appears to be my new year thing!), the addition of the online shop, opportunities for partnerships with some amazing brands, some fabulous corporate opportunities and a few workshops thrown in to boot!

So where to next?

What a big question! Well, the sky's the limit. I can't wait to see what's next and hope you can stick around for the ride too! I strongly believe in setting intentions and setting them up for success - so here we go - this is what I'm reaching for now with Bitesize Bakehouse...

First up will be a transition to a much more season specific offering. These will be making their appearances just as you might be sat daydreaming about them so keep your eyes peeled for updates on our socials!

Alongside this, I want to share more baking tips and content with you; I will be starting a series of workshops where you can come and skill-up right here in the BB kitchen and I will also be reinvigorating the blog back to it's former glory to house new recipes, how-to's and insider tips so you can try in the comfort of your own home too.​

If you haven't already, I'd love you to join me on my adventure by signing up to the newsletter (above) - it will be filled with all the latest updates, new range release, exclusive discounts and round ups of any new receipes that you might have missed too, straight to your inbox so you can to stay up in the know!

Something's brewing...

Baking became my safe haven - a creative outlet amidst my corporate job where I spent far too many hours behind a desk for my liking, dreaming of all the things I would create when I got home... but it was also a way to delay the inevitable. I hid behind the notion that this passion couldn't translate into an alternative/new career for years (without even trying!) and used the blog to fill my creative quota each week instead. How could I ever make enough to leave the day job? Who would pay me if I hadn't been to culinary school? I'll do it when... - believe me when I say I threw every excuse at it. 

During this time though, things had moved on quite a bit; I'd grown in confidence and skill as a baker. I had been asked (too many times to count!) to bake for others that loved the taste of what I had to offer. I tentatively started to charge here and there and I realised (definitely far too slowly) there was a place for me to take my hobby seriously and that I could potentially turn it into my job. 

Well, when I fell pregnant with my first child, something in me changed. Even before Ruby had arrived, I realised I had to make this work. A fire was lit. I wanted out of my current job - a stagnant role, with no creativity or growth - and if there was ever a time to make the dream come alive, maternity leave was going to give me the space to trial it with a safety net. 

BB - Cake 2-28.jpg
The here and now

Now I've been around a while and I know where I sit: thoughtfully and sustainably made treats perfect for indulging in mindfully.

I strongly believe in using the very best ingredients to create you high quality products. Always. There is a completely commitment to using organic, free range and locally sourced ingredients wherever possible and I am always searching for ideas and ways to improve my supply chain and finding more like minded suppliers. I have consciously transitioned all of my packaging to be environmentally friendly. I am always on the hunt for ways in which our ethical ethos can expand and improve and pledge to grow this thinking as the same rate as the business itself. 

You''ll find Bitesize Bakehouse working with both private and corporate clients all across the UK. I might be posting marshmallows one day, delivering a wedding cake the next and then its back to base to prep for the next grazing table set up!

My range is evolving all the time as I grown and learn and I absolutely love that! Whether you are after the perfect wedding cake in Cambridgeshire or Essex, a dessert bar for a party or maybe even a sweet grazing table for an event you are hosting - Bitesize Bakehouse can deliver it for you. 

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