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Bold and Romantic Tablescape Inspiration

You love the idea of a punchy theme, aren't afraid of being bold but also want to make sure the romance isn't lost in all that drama? It's OK. I've got you covered. Check out the styled shoot below for some amazing romantic yet modern ideas on how to style your Valentines tablescape...


Go big, go bold and go Red and Rose! Mixing the tones and types of flowers will give your tablescape depth and layers of interest. You can't go wrong with roses - but everyone will expect that. What about carnations, babys breath, tulips? Explore other floral styles that will tonals compliment your scheme but maybe aren't bang on that blood red vibe. You won't be sorry you branched out.


Rather than opting for the clear wine glasses, what about mixing it up with reeded glass? or even coloured glass with texture? The scheme works so well (above) with the dark smoked glasses, matched with the block black table linens. They pull out the deep red tones of the flowers and just pull everything together beautifully. It can seem logical to have the regular clear glass - and yes, they do go with everything - but if you want to stand out and make a mark, I'd say give the frosted/coloured glass trend a try with your chosen linens and floral palette and see if they compliment each other.


Less is more here. Clean lines and bold type keep these aesthetic feeling modern and fresh. Let your styling do the work...

Layer the heights

If you want a grown up romantic vibe, your tablescape needs to be layered. Layering the heights can be done using candlesticks, your floral centrepieces, glasses, tablesettings (plate, napkin, menu card, favour etc). It adds layers of interest for the eye to rove over and explore and creates a depth of field for your guests as they sit down and explore their place setting.

Texture & Tone

Playing with texture and tone on your tablescape is essential. Think about things that your guests can pick up and feel - open favours on the table are a great way to kick start the meal (and conversations!) and including a dual textured relief of them is a brilliant way to start. You can opt for a different finish on your linens to the napkins, have a ridged/lined relief on your glasses or handles of the cutlery, or even include partially hidden decor across the floral centrepieces to create interest too. There are so many ideas that can be placed together to create a totally unique tablescape under that modern romantic vibe.

Pulling it all together

The most important thing to remember is tying all your colours, textures and tones together. I strongly advise a test set up ahead of the day to see how all the elements draw together - do the linens and the glassware work together? Check there are no clashing colours on the table that are jarring to the eye. Do you have a good range of soft, bold and neutral to build up focal points and calmer areas on the table? Does it all gel when it is laid out or is there something missing still?

Styled shoot team:

Planning, Styling & Concept - @copperandbloomweddings

Photography - @nickisheaphotography

Lounge Area/Prop Hire - @storieseventhire

Hair - @sa_bbz

Bow & Veil - @asos

Tuxedo - @asos

Stationery – @thefriendlypaperco

Cake and Treats - @bitesizebakehouse

Crockery - @cmahire


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