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5 Edible Favours Your Guests Won't Leave Behind

I don't know about you, but I am not a fan of the "pick up and take home with you" style gift at weddings anymore. It is such a lovely sentiment, but, who really wants to carry something around with them all evening - I bet your wedding outfit didn't have a handy pocket empty and ready for that personalised champagne glasses your besties had engraved for you now did it?

Let's find a better solution

So, if you are leaning towards something slightly more convenient for your guests, a lot more delicious, and would like to minimise waste at your wedding, I have got you covered!

Edible Favour Options

Something different - Marshmallows bags

Fluffy pockets full of flavour and totally different to the kind you are used to buying in bulk from the store. Freshly whipped in small batches to maintain its souffle like texture and focus on flavour. These marshmallows can be personalised with colour to perfectly match your table set up and finished with bespoke stickers too.

A little bit of luxury - Mini Chocolate Boxes

Individual boxes of handmade filled chocolates. They come in boxes of 2 or 4 as standard and you can really enjoy creating the flavours to fill them so that they match your wedding style and overall feel. We then create a hand painted design to adorn each one and your bespoke chocolate boxes are ready to sit in pride of place on your table setting.

A well loved favourite - Brownie Bites

Who doesn't love a brownie? What a gorgeous way to treat your guests with a little sweet pick me up to keep them going through the speeches whilst they wait for the main food courses to come through.

Little bites of sweetness - Meringue Kisses

A brilliant option for those that are accommodating Gluten Free guests. A light as air, no mess option if you are opting for a slightly more grown up affair but don't want to risk the chocolate option.

Home comforts on your big day - Freshly Baked Cookies

Got a slightly longer speech set? Or want a dead cert to please the crowd that you know everyone will love? Freshly baked cookies all round! Who's in?

If you like the sound of these, you are in luck! I'm here to help. :-)

Drop me a line at or head on over to the Wedding Pages to find out more about pricing, availability and how we can personalise your edible favours perfectly.


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