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Why you need these Smores Brownies in your life

Before we start, these are not your average brownie. My Smores Brownies are double the size of the normal brownie range; they have more layers, more indulgence and generally just more all-round-goodness!

These Smores Brownies start out life as a classic, unassuming brownie base. Before they are baked, they get loaded with homemade chocolate chip cookies crumbled across the topped. These cookies then get a double bake and turn golden brown as the mix is popped in the oven to set.

Once baked and cooled, freshly whipped vanilla bean marshmallows are cut and stacked atop the brownie slices and individually toasted to caramelise them, to bring out that warming campside flavour and to get the ultimate ooze.

Have I tempted you yet? Do you fancy trying this scrumptious British take on the traditional American snack? Or maybe you know someone who's day would be brighten if they landed on their doorstep out of the blue?

Well, good news!

I can post them straight to your door, gift wrapped and with a personalised note to boot! What more could you need?!


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