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Personalised Edible Wedding Favours... that your guests will love

Here in lies a gallery of edible wedding favour inspo that I know your guests will eat right up (pun absolutely intended!)... and the best part? I can make them ALL for you.

Scroll through for all the inspiration you need to make your big day the best it can be and then drop me a line if you'd like me to chat more about Bitesize Bakehouse making the most creative wedding favours for your guests to enjoy.

Let the Edible Wedding Favours inspo begin...

Whether you are looking for grown up morsels of ethical chocolate hand-painted to match your wedding colour palette, or playful mouthfuls of the fluffiest mallows bursting with flavour, Bitesize Bakehouse can create bespoke edible favours that will elevate your wedding guest gifting game to totally new heights!


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