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Give The Gift of Gourmet Marshmallows

Looking for something a little different to treat someone special this time around?

Look no further. I have the perfect gift for you...

A box of hand whipped gourmet marshmallows.

They come in a gorgeous array of house favourite flavours and are presented in a UK made, food grade and fully recyclable gift box.

Your lucky recipient will open up their postal box and, nestled under the biodegradable cornstarch packing pellets will be a hand written note from you. Underneath that, an info card to tell them what tasty treats lie awaiting underneath (including all ingredients and allergens).

Finally, as they reach in to the final layer to remove the rich dark blue tissue paper, they will find their artisan edible gift...

Pillowy soft, fluffy gourmet marshmallows created with the very best ingredients and interesting flavours. Our marshmallows are whipped in small batches to maintain the best flavours and ensure perfection in each batch. They are nothing like the shop bought mallows you might have tried before. Chuck everything that you know about marshmallows out now. 

Bitesize Bakehouse's marshmallows are a grown up, luxurious treat for those looking for something a little bit different...

So, if you want to get one of these beautiful boxes on their way to your bestie, who is well overdue a treat they thoroughly deserve, I've got your back.

Click through here to see all our Marshmallow gifting options available to post anywhere in the UK.


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