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Cake tastings - to have one, or not to have one. Is that even a question?!

There is a bit of split thinking around cake tastings for Weddings these days.

Some do them for free, some charge, some don't offer them at all.

Whether charged for or not, here at Bitesize Bakehouse, we think it is super important to make sure you have a cake tasting if you are booking a wedding cake, with any baker.

Not only is it a great way to taste the cake flavour options that you are considering (who doesn't love an excuse to eat cake?), but it is also a great way to meet your baker in person and for you both to get to know each other.

I am a great believer in having a "good feeling" about someone, and don't you want to know you can trust and rely on your chosen baker?

Us baker's all have our own baking style and you need to know you have the one that suits your styles and wedding best; some are have modern and punchy styles, some more soft and delicate, some sweeter and more fun, others with grown up flavour ranges. Some only work with buttercream or ganache, others will swear by fondant. All of these preferences will make or break your decision to book them so it's great to get it sorted early to avoid disappointment!

Typically, if you have approached Bitesize Bakehouse to make your wedding cake, we will have emailed, or chatted first to get a feel for what you are after. I might have sent a few rough quotes so that you can see if I am within your budget, and then I would have booked you in for a tasting to further finalise what you are after.

Our tastings are one hour long, and cover so much more than just eating cake.

They cover all aspects of your design and set up on the day; timings, look & feel of the day, contact points, allergies to be mindful of, your cake style and flavours as well as any extras to go with the cake (edible favours, dessert tables etc).

It is, of course, filled to the brim with cake too (flavours chosen by you beforehand so you get to taste all your favourites!) and all washed down with tea or champagne - your choice - and I will package up any bites you aren't able to fit in on the day so you can take them home for a treat the next day!

After your cake tasting comes the creative bit. I take all your ideas and plans and favourite flavours and requirements and spend some time coming up with a bespoke design that will hopefully fit you both 'just right'. This is sent in the form of a cake sketch, alongside design details, and might be accompanied by a Pinterest board too if it's relevant. I will also send you the final quote, terms and conditions and we can work out any final details before booking.

Bitesize Bakehouse cake tastings are £35. Although there is a cost to my tastings, I do offer that this is taken off the total wedding cake charge if you go ahead and confirm the booking with me... so I guess I sit in on the fence of charging and not charging in the end!


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