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A English Country Garden Wedding

Looking for ideas and inspiration for an English Country Garden wedding? Step right this way for inspo and ideas to bring this vision to life...

Just imagine

Think marquee setting on private land, rolling green hills all around, a colour palette of soft pastels, horsebox bars and feminine flowers built in to all the design features you can think of!

A quintessential English Country Garden style wedding is perfect for those wanting to have a modern feel to their big day but still ensure they have made enough nods to tradition along the way. Typically preceded by a ceremony at a different location, the set up for these wedding receptions are organised completely differently compared to those that host the whole wedding on the same site.

Things to remember:

On the day suppliers for marquee weddings will typically need to set up later in the day to ensure all your elements are in perfect condition for when you and your guests arrive so it's always a good idea to make sure you have a clear idea of who is setting up when - and have weather contingent backups for particularly warm or wet weather!

Create Zones:

You'll have plenty of outdoor space to play with - make sure you have thought about what each area is designated for and plan accordingly. Could you have some cool local food trucks to help your guests party the night away? Maybe oversized garden games to entertain? Or the band could be set up outside for a truly unique evening event!

Prepare for changing weather:

If you are based in the UK like me, you have to prepare for all weathers! What can you do for the guests if the sun comes out in full force? Do you have a wet weather back up for if the heavens decide to open?

Lean in to the florals:

When else can you lean in to that soft pastel floral vibe?

You can tie it in with your actual flowers, your cake, your tablescapes, your signage, your colour palette for the day, your invites and more!

All photos supplied from a shoot last year. The full list of suppliers involved in the shoot were:


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