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BB x Lost Years Rum

Guys, I'd like to welcome you to my FIRST EVER collaboration. If I told you I was excited about this, it would be the worlds biggest understatement.

A limited edition Marshmallow and Chocolate Box that melts Lost Years Rum flavours throughout each box in different ways.

When Lee, the founder of Lost Years Rum, reached out after seeing me on Ainsley Harriott's Good Mood Food I immediately jumped in on a deep dive of their brand, ethos and of course products. It is so important to me that I am linking up and working with those that are on the same page as me and the direction I am taking Bitesize Bakehouse.

Anyone who knows me knows I am partial to ANY rum based drink that is on offer so initially I couldn't believe my luck. On top of this though, Lost Years are first and foremost saving sea turtles with every bottle they sell - they fund community-based conservation projects across key nesting sites across the Caribbean and Latin America. You can find out more about what they are doing here, and also more about how they are serious about sustainability here. They are serious about being plastic free and this is part of their brand identity which I love.

These guys are proof that you can achieve a serious stylish product and not compromise on your efforts to be sustainable and planet friendly. Right up my street!!

As soon as I got my hands on the rum, Rob and I had a tasting session (helped immensely by their tasting notes on the website!) followed by me working the rums into the different chocolates and caramels to see how each came through and balanced with the each other. Turns out -rum, marshmallows and chocolate are a match made in heaven! It was such a delight to recipe test these.

Once I was happy with the strength of flavour and which rums I was going to use with each chocolate, I sat and had a think through how I could pull them into a little collection.

That's when I thought about the amazing collection of Rum based cocktails that Lost Years have already pulled together. What if I created a box of treats inspired by their speciality cocktails?

So that is exactly what I did...

A box filled with a Coffee and Rum Caramel Marshmallow as a nod to their Espresso Rumtini Cocktail using the Arribada Cask Aged Rum, and a Rum & White Chocolate Ganache Marshmallow using their Four Island Rum.

Lost Years Rum Cocktail Chocolate Box (12 pieces) £17: A mixed selection box melting the Lost Years Rum into chocolate form, using their house special cocktails for inspiration: Dark Chocolate Cafe Caribbean - Coffee, coconut and Arribada Rum ganache encased in an Ecuadorian single origin 56% dark chocolate shell. White Chocolate Bees Knees - A light and smooth honey and lemon caramel paired with a white chocolate ganache in an white chocolate shell using the Four Islands Rum. Milk Chocolate Pumpkin Spice - Roasted pumpkin & festive spice puree mixed into a milk chocolate Arribada rum ganache covered in an Ecuadorian single origin 40% milk chocolate shell.

Both boxes are available for pre order now from the online shop with dispatch dates for the 8th and 15th Dec.

What do you think? Do you like the idea of this collaboration? Shall I do more? As ever, my inbox is ALWAYS open for your thoughts and feedback. Can't wait to hear what you guys think!

Ooooh and one more thing - if you are a subscriber there is a little Lost Years treat coming to your inbox shortly. If you aren't, well, you've one more day to get signed up if you want to see what that little treat could be...


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