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5 "Crowd Pleasing" Wedding Cake Flavours

Not sure where to start with wedding cake flavour decisions? I've got you covered!

The Most Popular Wedding Cake Flavours

Whether you want a different flavour for each tier, or all one flavour, here is a list of the most popular cake sponge flavours I have seen being booked for wedding cakes that are sure to be a hit with a large majority of your guests.

What Flavours To Choose?

If you aren't sure which flavours to choose for your tiered wedding cake, take a look through the ideas below to help get you started.

1. A rich and indulgent Chocolate sponge with chocolate buttercream and layered with chocolate ganache to finish.

2. A light and refreshing Lemon sponge paired with fresh lemon curd and a soft citrus buttercream.

3. The classic Vanilla sponge with a fruit conserve filling and a flecked vanilla bean buttercream

4. An indulgent Raspberry White Chocolate layer cake with a silky smooth chocolate buttercream.

5. Another classic, the Carrot sponge paired with a rich cream cheese buttercream

Feeling a little more adventurous?

Why not head over to the celebration cake page and check out the full list of House Favourites to choose from. We've got you covered for all the seasons and all the delicious flavours - incorporating the firm favourites above and a few more !


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