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Small Business Love during Lockdown

Gosh. It's been a minute since I wrote a blog post, and what a topic for a return!

We've all had quite the ride recently haven't we?

These last few months have been a bit of a test! We've experienced a whirlwind lockdown with life as we knew it stalled over night, plans for our Spring/Summer months cancelled or put on hold, started navigating an ever moving landscape of reintegration with social distancing and then back to Lockdown (of sorts...) again.

For Bitesize Bakehouse, this means the wedding and wholesale side of the business, for the best part of this year, all but disappeared. All was not lost though - I had been lucky enough to get the online store set up and running as we entered lockdown. As the months unfolded and we pivoted to contactless drop offs and deliveries via couriers rather than royal mail, I've remained working... and that is all thanks to you. I am forever grateful and continue to work hard to bring you delicious sweet treats, whatever the weather!

So, to share a bit of love, and to highlight other small businesses doing an incredible job during this turbulent time, I thought I would dedicate this blog post to them. Check out my favourite indies below that are still burrowing away in their own fields, doing what they do best, to provide you with some cracking artisan options this side of Christmas.

All Day Cake

Ok - so I couldn't not start with something food related really, could I?! Sophie from All Day Cake has nailed how to actually post whole cakes all across the UK. Mind blown. She also creates loads of other seasonally changing treats to try too but the cakes really do look insane. I had one of her mixed biscuit boxes a few months ago and would not share any of her version of Party Rings with my family - they were that good.

Buck and Bear Design

Carlie runs Buck and Bear Design which creates wall art decor and modern art prints uk made with 23.5ct gold leaf! She also has some really fab calligraphy kits which I purchased at the start of Lockdown 1. Check out her amazing collection of signage to get some inspo. They would make an amazing gift for a special someone, or maybe you have the perfect place in your living room for one of her signs for yourself...

Bumble and Oak

Riadh creates the most magical chocolate combos and this year has a fabulous advent calendar for sale. Honestly, I can't tell you how strong the hints have been for my husband to get me one this year! Riadh is a true community champion too and, having never actually met her, I just know she shines so bright. I'll be on a mission to meet her in real life as soon as it's safe to do so again so we can chat all things chocolate and Cambridge. I also love her passion for the planet too - Bumble and Oaks artisan chocolates are all consciously made and packaged, come in small batches aaaaaand have the most divine sounding flavour combo's that make you just want to dive straight in.

The Creative Strides

Run by the ever so talented, Chloe, The Creative Strides is exactly what you need in your life if you are a small business. Chloe's mission is to motivate businesses to build human brands that deliver unique content and memorable customer experiences, and my gosh she does just that. I invested in her services this year and it was WELL worth it. Chloe is a vault of incredibly creative ideas that are moulded perfectly to you and your brand. Her attention to detail blew me away and I will be back for more next year for sure.

Augusta Hope

Augusta is a lady of many talents but most recently has turned her hand to opening a luxury Florist & Gift Shop in Fulbourn. It may be temporarily shut for this month, but you can still order from their online shop and arrange flower deliveries until they are back open again. You'll find so much more than flowers there too - included are a carefully curated group of stylish gifts, books, items for garden and home and more so I defy you to go in and not find something you want! Keep your eyes peeled for workshops too - there are currently a few festive wreath making workshops available to choose from to get you into the Christmas spirit and pimp your door!


Jennifer, who runs Feioi, an interior design consultancy provides simple, flexible, interior design packages as a perfect introduction to professional interior design. I had a virtual session with Jennifer between the lockdowns, and bought one for my mum too. We bot came away with so many fab ideas that we would NEVER have thought to implement in our homes that I am still working on bringing them all to life! Jennifer was so approachable and totally got the different styles and feels each space was hoping for and even provided a shopping list to help source all the ideas afterwards so your job is literally as easy and click, order and install. No brainer really. I always make a note to check in on Jennifer's stories for hints and tips too. Another lady I would love to meet in real life!

Emma Bradstreet Paper and Press

Emma runs a luxury Wedding Stationery and Greetings Cards letterpress studio and I can personally attest to the quality. You will find her greetings cards as part of the gift experience for any of Bitesize Bakehouse Christmas Collection this year too. I have included one of Emma's beautiful designs for each order going out for December alongside the gift wrap to make things extra special! You will find grown up elegance and luxury in everything from Emma - cannot recommend strongly enough.

Alphabet Bags

Hayley and Lucas run Alphabet Bags which offer a huge range of super fun, bold and cheerful accessories. I already own a small pouch and an oversized white "Everything" bag, with my sights firmly set on another oversized bag of "Everything" in black and a "send milk" bodysuit when babe 2 arrives in March! Their products make perfect gifts for all occasions and I find myself popping back to their online store all the time!

MillHouse Millinery

Susan at MillHouse Millinery creates beautiful bespoke hats, headpieces and, now has also pivoted to providing face coverings too. Super stylish and bundles of creative flare! Check out Susan's Etsy shop for her current designs and upgrade your mask game today.

Well, there you have it. My little round up for now. I might pop back with a few more soon if you think this was helpful. Let me know.



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