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Perfect Presents For The Foodie In Your Life

Can you even believe it is that time again?!

Christmas is drawing closer by the minute. Who's prepared?

I know that I shouldn't even be uttering the "C" word until we have cleared Halloween but I just can't help the feeling that we all might need to be a little more prepared with our gift giving this year. Soooooo, here I am... sticking my neck out early with a few of my Christmas offerings that I think might work for you. Let me know what you think to this years collection!

Just quickly before we dive in, this year I have done a lot of work to make sure each of the Christmas Collection is extra special and I hope you love it... We need it this year don't we?

With every purchase from the Christmas Collection this year, you will find the most elegant hand pressed Christmas card from the talented Emma Bradstreet (she has a hugely stunning collection of cards so I thoroughly recommend jumping over to her website to have a browse! *swoon*), which will house your personalised hand written note inside.

Each item is going to wrapped/packaged individually in case you/your giftee (is that a word?!) wants to share so we are all being nice and Covid-safe. As well as this, the whole package will be beautifully gift wrapped. Even the boxes are sourced from other small UK businesses!

All of that is standard for every Christmas Collection purchase.

I have also ensured that everything included is recyclable or compostable so we can be planet friendly, always. Just like everything else I produce through the year, as many of the ingredients used will be organic, an locally sourced wherever possible. Non baked stock has been purchased from other local and/or (crucially) small businesses. This is always a huge consideration throughout the year for Bitesize Bakehouse, but this year especially, it felt right to be supporting as many other small businesses as we can in these difficult times. So, every purchase you make can be a nice big tick on the list for the present you were after, a nod to the planet as we try to recover what we've over utilised AND a huge hug to multiple small businesses that I have collected together.

Perfect Stocking Fillers

The Christmas Crackers are perfect for edible stocking fillers this year.

There are three to choose from so you can find the perfect fit...

  • First up is the all rounder. A cracker full of christmas themed iced cookies and/or hand decorated gingerbread shapes. Perfect to order ahead and get it ready under the tree ready in good time for the big day.

  • Next in line is a mix of brownies and gingerbread all lovingly tucked up inside for a little festive indulgence. The brownies need to be consumed within a week or two so maybe a send as a pre-Christmas treat? or pre-order now for delivery just at the right time.

  • Or what about a cracker filled up with our Christmas marshmallow flavours? The third of our trio is filled with Christmas-y flavours like mulled wine, cranberry and gingerbread!

For The Chocolate Lover In Your Life

Those of you that were around last Christmas will remember these guys!

The difference this year though, is the fab deal on a bundle of three!

In each bundle will be a full size Cranberry White Chocolate bar, Honey and Cinnamon Roast Pecan Milk Chocolate bar and a Dark Chocolate with Christmas Tree Designs Bar. Not one for the faint chocolate-hearted.

When You Need Something A Little Different For the Friend Who's Tried Everything

A regular gift box of marshmallows for an elegant touch, but filled with two each of our Christmas flavours.

The Christmas Collection Marshmallow Gift Box will be filled with a taste of our Festive Marshmallow flavours - Cranberry, Gingerbread Spice, Double Chocolate and Mulled Wine.  Definitely the gift that won't be found elsewhere.

The "You Deserve It" Option

A box FULL of Christmas indulgence!

Ok, so this one is the biggie. I have three sizes so you can choose how much pleasure to gift depending on how naughty or nice they have been...

Every Christmas Box will have

  • delicately decorated spicy gingerbread shapes

  • a selection of our delicious winter flavour brownie slabs

  • festive artisan marshmallow portions 

  • beautifully stamped vanilla cookies

  • hand tempered artisan chocolate bar - minis or bars included dependent on box size. 

The only decision you need to make is, do you want two of everything? four of everything? or eight of everything in the box this year?!

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

I hope this little run through has been helpful. As ever, everything is bake fresh to order so feel free to contact me if you need any changes, personalisations or would like to create something bespoke for someone special this year. I'm always around for a chat. :-)


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