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Our "Why"

What does Bitesize Bakehouse actually do?

Well, my aim is (hopefully) more far reaching than just baking for the pure joy of it …although, let's be honest - that is a huge part of how it started and came to be. I want to create a place for conscious consumers to be able to easily find ethical sweetness that has been fused with tasteful touches for the perfect luxe treat, with no compromises on quality or experience because of it's eco-conscious grounding.

Sound good? Right, let's unwrap that then...

Whether I am baking you a wedding cake for your special day, preparing a gift to send to a close friend to show how much you care, or just helping satisfy your sweet tooth because you are worth it, I want this product to have been really thought about. It needs to be high quality, taste amazing and also do some good. It will, undoubtedly, be good for the soul, buuuuuut I also want to make sure it is good for the planet too.

We can have our cake, and eat it too - it's very straightforward actually (especially given the common misquote!).

Ok, then. How?

Bitesize Bakehouse is grounded in using the very best ingredients to create you high quality products. I are completely committed to using organic, free range and locally sourced ingredients wherever possible and I am always searching for ideas and ways to improve our supply chain and be more sustainable.

I have already consciously transitioned all of our packaging to be environmentally friendly. All our cardboard, stickers, tape and notecards are 100% recyclable and the packaging pellets, cellophane wrap and clear bags can all be disposed of in your home compost bin.

I have worked hard to create beautiful packaging that doesn't damage the environment and hope you enjoy it as much as your tasty treat!

That's pretty standard. What else?

This year, I am going one step further! I wanted to find a way of really cementing my commitment to sustainability and have found it in the form of Treeapp.

Treeapp aims to improve the world we live in by enabling people to plant trees everyday for free, with minimal effort. Whhaaaat?!?!

As a new partner, I have committed to paying for these trees to be planted out of the profits of this business. This enables users (you) to simply log on, choose a reforestation project and plant a tree, all with just a couple of clicks.

Having found the company online after some research, and since chatted in depth about how they find and fund their projects, it was a no brainer. It isn't simply a case of scattering seeds as a gesture. Treeapp works all across the world ensuring that saplings are farmed and planted in the right places to support the respective ecosystem. They only plant native species trees, which vary given location, never plant or introduce any invasive species at any project sites and whilst true reforestation remains their focus, Treeapp also plant a percentage of agroforestry species for sustainable community use too.

Right now, I have committed to funding the planting of a minimum of twenty trees per month via Treeapp.

I am really excited about this partnership and where it will go. I hope to wind it into the core of the business further as I grow - maybe tree planting for every sale? ...or a number of trees for each wedding cake on behalf of the couple? My mind is still tossing the additional ways in which it could work so if you have any experience of similar collaborations or just have a great way I can integrate it further, I would love to hear from you.

So, what do you think?

I am super excited about this as another way to truly give back... but what does this mean to you as a consumer?

Do you enjoy knowing that a company is working to make the world a better place? Do you think it is important? Does it influence how you buy at all?

As a new and small business, I am always looking for feedback and would love to hear your thoughts (positive or constructive!) to help improve how I do things around here.


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