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Muddy Stilettos - The Results

I'm back, as promised, updating on the Muddy Stilettos Awards for 2022. Alas, I didn't win.

The Saffron Walden Ice Cream Company took the top spot for a 2nd year running and a massive congratulations to them!

It was still a huge achievement to have made it to the final 5 though in the whole of Essex and this is something I am super proud of. I have only been trading for 3 years and behind all this is, just me!! Its SO validating to know that you voted for me - it makes all the late nights, all nighters, sleep-less nights and manic days totally 100% worth it.

Here's to all the winners!! And the almost winners too ;-)

Maybe it'll be my year next year, you never know!! We've got to be in it to win it, right?!


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