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Hand Crafted Artisan Chocolates

Delicious morsels of chocolate, hand crafted in small batches with seasonally changing flavour combinations made with single origin, responsibly sourced and ethically made chocolate.

If you like the sound of that, then I have got the perfect way to consume it all for you too. Which of the products below do you like the sound of the most?

Beautiful boxes brimming with hand-painted filled chocolates with grown up flavours to savour like the espresso ganache, a gloriously smooth dark chocolate ganache or creamy vanilla bean. These come in boxes of 9, boxes of 12, and boxes of 16 as standard but I have larger if you require so just shout!

Maybe you prefer your chocolate in slab form so you can break off the pieces as you go? No problem, the chocolate bars would be a better fit for you then and come with lots of fun inclusions such as matcha green tea, raspberry, coffee crumb and blackberry and hazelnut among others.

What about somewhere in the middle. A sharing box for a the ultimate treat? Well, what about these chocolate shard boxes. Choose single flavours, or opt for a mixed box for a tasting experience instead. Ultimate indulgence.

Which chocolate option would you go for? I'm a box of filled chocolates every time I think!


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