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Great Taste Award Winning Marshmallows

My marshmallows won a Great Taste Award last year and I CANNOT believe I forgot to blog about it until now!

Specifically, it was my Hazelnut Praline and Double Chocolate Marshmallows than I submitted for judges review.

After a very nerve-wracking wait (it's the first time I have ever submitted any of my bakes for a competition of this level or prestige and I had aaaall the negative self talk going on, I can tell you!) I was delighted to be awarded a star for the 2022 round of judging.

Feedback from the judges sounded like this:

"Fabulous fun looking marshmallows. We loved seeing the swirl of praline and flecks of chocolate. The marshmallow texture is excellent with a clever balance of softness and chew. We thought the flavour of the praline sweet and nutty but still elegant and grown up."

"The flavour delivers a pronounced hazelnut character and the sweetness is well judged and balanced considering it is essentially a sweet product."

Have you tried my award winning marshmallows yet?

If not, now's a good a time as any, wouldn't you say?! :-)


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