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Coconut Chilli & Pea Fritters

If you follow the blog, you will have noticed the brunch recipe I posted recently for pea fritters. Well, I am back today with a little serving suggestion for you...

You'll need:

Pea Fritters, freshly cooked and still warm, made with Plant S Pea Flour Feta

Pumpkin seeds

Fresh Chilli


Siracha Sauce

Cultured Coconut

I think these Pea Fritters are at their best when served just like this:

Stacked 3 high, smeared with a spoonful of cultured coconut between each layer. Then topped with a sprinkling of feta, pumpkin seeds and fresh chilli, before being generous drizzled with equal amount of honey and Siracha.

A little kick from the fresh chilli (inside and out), sweetness from the honey and then the creamy coconut and feta bring it all together.



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