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Your new GF Flour alternative

So, recently I was approached by a gorgeous AND local brand that were looking for some recipe development using their new product - A yellow pea flour that is naturally Gluten Free. You know I love a challenge, and something new to play with so I didn't skip a beat in saying ABSOLUTELY and getting straight to work.

Plant S Yellow Pea Flour
Who are Plant S Nutrition?

The brand - Plant S Nutrition - is a family owned local small business based here in East Anglia and their focus on sustainability just drew me in straight away. Their product is low mileage, low carbon and even comes in a fully compostable pouch.

Need I say more!

So, into the kitchen I went for a deep dive with Yellow Pea Flour.

Even though it is naturally Gluten Free - that doesn't take away anything from what you get instead. The flour is high in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Folate and Iron, it's rich in proteins, carbohydrates and fibre too. What's not to love?!

Ok, so, you want to know what it's like? ...and how to use it?

On opening the compostable pouch, you can see/smell the differences to regular flour straight away. Firstly there is a soft fragment sweet pea smell that you will immediately recognise. Depending on what you are baking, this may work with or against you (more on that below) but the texture is beautiful. It's fine and very light. Much more akin powdered sugar than flour.

I thought, given it's feather-weight appearance, it would maybe need to be bolstered in my recipes with Xanthum Gum or other alternatives to balance the overall result but it is in fact the opposite. My trials using it as a straight swap for plain flour faired much better than those using an 'alternative' recipe.

So here are my recommendations/thoughts having thoroughly tested the Plant S Yellow Pea Flour:

  1. Straight swap this flour into your already tried and tested recipes, rather than searching out GF alternative recipes that add in extra ingredients like xanthum gum, arrowroot or flax. It's not necessary.

  2. If you are using this flour for a savoury recipe - go right ahead. I actually really liked the soft, slightly sweet, pea scent and I think this would compliment most savoury recipes.

  3. If however you are using this in a sweet recipe swap then one thing I would recommend it accounting for that subtle pea flavour to make sure it adds to, rather than detracts from, the end product. For example, I included a citrus zest or a spice addition in a pastry base rather than leaving it plain.

  4. The flour and chocolate love each other. Get involved.

  5. Buy some. Ha. I know I am biased but, it is a really lovely product. You are supporting a small business, they are supporting the planet AND you can make sure you can cater for all those GF friends without having to change what you had planned to make. No brainer I'd say.

Watch out for some recipes coming your way using this gorgeous local product. I have been really enjoying playing with it in the kitchen!

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