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Spreading Christmas Joy

This festive season, I am going all in - not only do I have a Christmas Collection of deliciously seasonal tasting treats, I also have the perfect stickers to finish off your edible gifts too.

These beautiful custom stickers are from StickerMarket who I have an amazing collection of stickers perfect for all kinds uses. Not only do they have great turnaround times, and free UK delivery, but they will also currently guarantee the lowest prices (beating the competition by 5%!).

All my Christmas Gift Boxes will be gift-wrapped and adorned with these beautiful stickers this year. Inside will still be the personalised handwritten note (if desired), and then this festive addition will finish the outside so it is gift-ready on arrival - making it super easy for you to spread Christmas joy this year.

Simply order online and I will take care of the rest!

What do you think of these stickers though? Aren't they beautiful.

I haven't explored the vinyl or special stickers yet, but these paper ones are perfect for my brand. I simply created the artwork in Canva, then popped it over to StickerMarket, selected my criteria and, in the flashest of flashes*, they were here.

If you are still gearing up for the Christmas, or just planning on creating some stickers for family and friends, I'd recommend heading over to StickerMarket to check them out. They have really handy imagery for each of the options so you can get a clear idea of what you are ordering ahead.

So, I'm ready to go all in for this holiday season. Are you?

*If you don't immediately get the Love Actually reference here, then you need to go away, watch it, and get yourself back on track ;-)


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