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How to support Local Independents and Small Business for free

We all love and want to support our local indies, right? But sometimes it just isn't that simple. So, here's a post for when you want to help, but maybe purchasing something from them direct just isn't possible at the moment.

I am very conscious with the rising costs that we are all feeling right now, it can be very hard to support Small Business and Local Independents on a regular basis directly using the cash in your wallet. The good news though, is that it doesn't have to cost a thing!

There are so many ways that you can help support your local creatives and friends with businesses that don't directly require you to spend money either you don't have, when maybe the things they sell aren't relevant for you, or not a priority with your budget right now.

I particularly loved the following ideas that I have seen shared about:

Share the love:

You can showcase your friends businesses, or your favourite local small businesses on your own social channels. This sort of exposure is invaluable for small businesses and independents that don't have any marketing budgets to compete in the Paid Ad's game. You can do this in two ways - either by recommending a product or service that you have directly used in the past (and maybe even a pic if you have one!), or recommend the person behind the business that you love if their product isn't directly something you can purchase (i.e. a wedding business and you aren't getting married!). You never know who in your audience is looking for exactly that item/service!! Imagine being the missing link. You'd be like a small business match maker! :-)

Engage with their content Online

Whatever your social media channel of choice (Insta for me atm!), if you see a post/reel/ story with a call to action... respond!! This helps that piece of content get pushed out to others and is such a simple amazing way to help further your friends audience. Plus, personally speaking, it is SO BLOODY NICE when you get comments or messages after creating something. Even if all you have time for is an emoji or poll response! We love it all.

Link Up, Love Up

Probably one that takes a little longer, and not applicable to all, but when you get the right link, the impact could be sky high! Do you have a contact that could help your friends creative business? Or a local indie that you love? Sometimes it's as simple as recommending them to the person that plans the events/ corporate gifts in your office, or maybe you are good friends with an "influencer" or someone "famous" that you genuinely think would love their product or benefit from their service? Maybe you have a link in with a local paper or online publication that could provide some incredible exposure? Or do you know someone looking for similar products/services for TV? It could be as small as suggesting a coffee between friends to link up two small businesses that you think would get on as business buddies! The list is endless and it is all about who you know. When the right link up lines up - could you be the missing link that could help? No cost to you but time, but priceless for that small business.

Service/Product Exchange

This one is a little more specialist, but still, when it works, it really works!

Do you have a skill set that you could exchange for another service/product that could help set their business on the right track? Maybe they are just setting up and you could help them with their financial tracker/first tax return/give them some extra office supplies you don't need anymore/help show them round Canva/ Give them your essential small business apps and programmes you can't live without. Maybe it is as simple as donating a few hours of your time to help with a pop up, or to paint their workspace, or do they need help organising a corner of their home for their creative masterpieces? It's amazing what you need to learn, in a very short amount of time, when you first set up your own business so help is always appreciated in whatever form it comes, be it advice or time or something else. Pick up the phone, see what they need and whether you can help at all. It will make their year. I promise!

So, what do you think? A few different ideas to the regular "like, save, share" that you see so often. Do you have any good ones that I have missed? I'd love to know!


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