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Bakery of the Year 2020 - Cambridgeshire

Yep, you read that right.

Bitesize Bakehouse has been awarded Bakery of the Year 2020 - Cambridgeshire!!!!!


We were called at the end of Jan by Corporate Live Wire to be told the good news, and boy did it make our day!!! To say we are over the moon about our very first award is a massive understatement.

What a way to start the year, hey?

Last year was a huge rollercoaster of fun. It's still super exciting when every order comes through and that will never diminish. Ever. All we can say is, THANK GOD for family support, and wine, to making it all possible in the first place!!

We have definitely given ourselves a pat on the back and it's given us quite the confidence boost to get things sorted and push forward with our plans. So, onwards and upwards!!! Let's see what we can achieve with the next 12 months ahead of us.


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