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Postal Brownies

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Deliciously chocolatey

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: Did you know that Bitesize Bakehouse offer Postal Brownies?


Imagine, a box of freshly baked gourmet brownies, all wrapped up with a personalised message in your favourite flavour, just arriving at someones doorstep that really needs it, ready and waiting to be tucked in to. Mmmmmmmm.

Yep. We can get you a box of delicious brownies – all made with high quality organic ingredients and packed full of delicious, single origin, sustainably sourced chocolate (no cocoa subs here!) – in the post and on it’s way to anyone you like in as little as 2 days.

It’s the perfect treat to send to that friend who is a little too far away to see in person on their birthday... Or to gift to a special someone as a sweet pick me up during a tough time, a happy time, a sad time or even just because you were thinking of them and why the hell not?!?! Actually, who needs a reason. Just send some...

Thicker than your average...

Now, it’s important to note – we differ from all the other postal brownies on offer at the moment because our boxes DO NOT FIT THROUGH YOUR LETTERBOX.

Oh no!

Our brownies come in proper chunky slab sizes so our boxes are not “letterbox compliant”. There’s no way one of our brownies would squeeze into a 2cm height box. Uh uh *wags finger back and forth*.


Instead, you get a much bigger, much squidgier, muuuuuccchhhhh tastier brownie box.

*We do pop a little note on the postal box to remind the postie to pop the package in a safe place if no one is in, but if you would like alternative postage options, drop us a line and we can organise an alternative for you.  

Keep your eyes peeled!

Watch out for our seasonal boxes too – We have Valentines, Easter and Christmas specials that pop up throughout the year… why not sort all your presents out in one fell swoop and buy everyone a box of brownies to tuck into?!


Get those boxes booked and watch the brownie points roll in. 

So, what are you waiting for?

We deliver everywhere across mainland UK!

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